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Browse key issues that many residential energy efficiency programs need to address. Select a topic below to see related resources, including case studies, presentations, tools, calculators, templates, and more.

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Market segmentation divides target audiences into categories based on their attitudes, attributes, buying habits, or other characteristics. With this information, teams can research and craft messages that will resonate with specific audience groups and implement targeted marketing tactics to reach them effectively.

Media can be an effective way of communicating your program and its benefits to broad audiences. Media can be paid, earned, or social in nature; each type has a different purpose.

Messages that resonate with key target audiences are critical to a successful energy efficiency program. To motivate action, messages on communications materials need to resonate with the target audience and make a strong, immediate, and positive impression on a program’s potential customers.

Financing needs in the multifamily sector are different from those in the single family sector, requiring innovative financing options because ownership structures are often more complex (e.g., multiple owners and mortgages) and equipment is shared among the tenants and owners (e.g., furnaces or boilers, common area lighting and facilities).