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Use the glossary to access terms and definitions related to residential energy efficiency programs. Click the letters below to find your terms. Letters that do not appear currently do not have glossary terms related to them.

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Home Energy Assessment

An evaluation of a building based on data from inspections, diagnostics, data collection, analyses, and reporting, which identifies opportunities for the building owner to improve energy efficiency. Also known as "home performance assessment," "energy assessment," or "assessment."

Home Energy Upgrade

Individual measures or a group of measures completed as part of the work cycle in which services are provided to a customer for a specific household. This includes assessment, installation, and test-out. Also known as "home performance upgrade," "energy efficiency upgrade," or "retrofit."

Home Improvement Market

The buying and selling of goods and services needed to maintain and improve existing buildings.

Home Performance Assessor

An individual who performs a home performance assessment on a building and identifies opportunities for improved home performance. Also known as "home energy assessor," "energy assessor," “auditor," or "assessor."

Home Performance Contractor

A contractor that specializes in home performance upgrades and services.

Home Performance Improvement Plan

A building science-based sequence of recommended home performance improvements. This plan is usually presented to a customer after an assessment is completed.  Also known as "Assessment Report."

Home Performance Market

The buying and selling of goods and services to improve a residential building’s performance.  A subsection of the home improvement market.

Home Performance Measure

The installation or modification of equipment or other building components, in order to improve a building’s performance and energy efficiency (e.g., insulation, air sealing, duct sealing, appliance replacement).

Home Performance Professional

An individual employed by a contractor who installs or supervises the energy products and service upgrades. This person may specialize in energy assessments, home inspections, improvements related to air or duct sealing; insulation; HVAC; or other related services such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and site work.  Also known as "technician."

Home Performance XML (HPXML)

The industry term for BPI-2100-S-2013 Standard for Home Performance–Related Data Transfer.  BPI-2100 is designed to facilitate communication and the exchange of information and data among all actors in the home performance industry by providing an extensible mark-up language (XML) standard for transferring information related to whole-house energy efficiency upgrades.