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Use the glossary to access terms and definitions related to residential energy efficiency programs. Click the letters below to find your terms. Letters that do not appear currently do not have glossary terms related to them.

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Federal Housing Administration (FHA) PowerSaver Loans

A pilot program implemented in 2011, which offers borrowers low-cost loans to make energy-saving improvements to their homes. Backed by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), these new FHA PowerSaver loans offer homeowners up to $25,000 to make energy-efficient improvements of their choice, including the installation of insulation, duct sealing, doors and windows, HVAC systems, water heaters, solar panels, and geothermal systems.

Field Inspection

A visit by an independent inspector to an upgraded building to assess compliance with program standards which may include a variety of visual inspections, diagnostic tests, and customer interviews.

Financial Institution

An institution that provides financial services to its customers, including homeowners and contractors. Examples of financial institutions include banks, credit unions, and community development financial institutions (CDFI).