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This specification provides guidance to manufacturers who are interested in developing products that not only meet ENERGY STAR criteria but are able to provide high levels of consumer satisfaction and energy performance in cooler, northern climates. The specification was updated September 9, 2014 with Appendices F and G. A media backgrounder document, product assessment worksheet and product list is also available.

Prepared by:  Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Published:  July 18, 2013

The CO2 refrigerant, split-system heat pump water heater was tested in both lab tests and at four field sites representing the three heating zones in the Pacific Northwest. This report focuses on the field tests and the data and experience collected over almost two years of monitoring.

Prepared by:  Washington State University Energy Program

Published:  December 31, 2015

This report describes results of a scoping-level analysis of significantly higher efficiency electric heat pump water heaters (HPWH). The specific goal of the work was to identify electric HPWH design options that have the potential to achieve or exceed 30% source energy savings compared to a gas tankless water heater (GTWH) representative of the type represented in version beta of the BEopt™ software developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Published:  September 2011


The website of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance offers a range of resources designed for consumers, including tools to find HPWH retailers, installers and promotions as well as general consumer guidance on HPWH benefits.

Author: Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA)