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Recruiting, developing, and maintaining a network of qualified contractors is an ongoing, labor-intensive activity for program administrators. If there is a high turnover rate for contractors (i.e., contractors stop participating or infrequently submit jobs) then the program needs to spend additional funding to recruit even more contractors. It is more cost-effective to retain dependable qualified contractors, but it can be a challenge to maintain that relationship. Common strategies to retain contractors are to lower contractors’ cost to participate and address common contractor frustrations by streamlining program processes, avoiding frequent program design changes, and providing opportunities for open communication. Offering quality leads, training and recognition are benefits that contractors value and may encourage them to continue to participate in your program.

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Tools & Templates

  • A short, checklist-style form that contractors complete to participate in Efficiency Maine. The form allows contractors to verify whether they meet basic program requirements, identify their specialized service offerings and qualifications, and describe other information about their businesses.


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