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We welcome your contributions of content for the Better Buildings Residential Program Guide. We also welcome comments and suggestions for Handbooks and Tips for Success.

Submission Guidelines

Your submission must be relevant to planning, operating, or evaluating residential energy efficiency programs. No content can be self-promoting or represent a commercial advertisement for a product or service. To share new resources or comments, please email with the information requested below.

When submitting a resource (e.g. case study, program presentation, tool, publication, webcast):

  • State the full title of the resource, author, author affiliation, and publication date.
  • Include a URL link to the resource.  If that is not possible, attach the resource to the email.
  • Describe why you think the resource would be a good addition to the Guide.
  • (Optional) Recommend where your content will best fit within the Guide.

When submitting edits or suggestions to a Handbook or Tip for Success:

  • Handbook: Include the edits or comments you propose and which Handbook (e.g., Financing’s Identify Partners handbook) and tab (Description or Step-by-Step) you are referring to.
  • Tip for Success: Include the program case study, edits, or comments you propose to the Tip and why it would be a good addition to the Guide. If proposing a new Tip, provide qualitative or quantitative evidence supporting the value of the Tip and specific program case studies highlighting related experiences that support the Tip.

Include your name, email, phone number, and organization in the submission email. The subject line should indicate whether you are submitting new resources (e.g. New Resources for the Residential Program Guide) or providing edits to a Handbook or Tip for Success (e.g. Handbook/Tip Comments for the Residential Program Guide).


You must be willing to give the U.S. Department of Energy permission to use the content you submit and to make it available for unlimited download and use by all users of the Residential Program Guide. We will consider any submission of content as permission for DOE to post to the Guide.

Review Process

All content submissions are subject to DOE review and approval. Once you submit a new resource or comment on Guide content, we will review your submission for relevance and respond to you. If your resource submission meets the criteria, we will add it to the Guide and let you know where it will reside. If your resource submission does not meet the criteria, we will inform you.