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Presentation on the Energy Efficiency Reporting Tool for Public Power Utilities

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
American Public Power Association
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This presentation discusses the energy efficiency reporting tool for public power utilities. The tool is an Excel-based template is designed to produce consistent, useful metrics on program investments and performance for small to medium-sized administrators of public power efficiency programs.

Setting Baselines for Planning and Evaluation of Efficiency Programs

Robert G. Ozar, Michigan Public Service Commission,
Carmen Best, California Public Utilities Commission,
Jeff Harris, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
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The key challenge with quantifying savings from end-use efficiency activities is the identification of an accurate baseline from which to determine the savings. Regardless of the protocol or procedure applied, all savings values are determined by estimating likely energy use in the absence of the program or project (the “counterfactual” scenario, or baseline). This webcast provides an introduction to considerations and common practices for defining baselines, the relationship between baselines and savings attribution, and examples of how different jurisdictions are addressing market baseline studies, setting baselines for retrofit measures, and market transformation program baselines.

Energy Efficiency Cost-Effectiveness Testing

Snuller Price, Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc.,
Tim Woolf, Synapse Energy Economics,
Tom Eckman, Northwest Power and Conservation Council,
Sami Khawaja, The Cadmus Group, Inc.,
Steven Schiller, Schiller Consulting, Inc.
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This webcast provides an introduction to cost-effectiveness testing for energy efficiency programs. It also covers key drivers in the cost-effectiveness results and cost-effectiveness tools developed for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Financial Program Management for Continuous Improvement

U.S. Department of Energy
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EnergySmart Colorado,
This webcast discussed financial program management.