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Residential High Energy Users: Causes and Opportunities

Energy Center of Wisconsin (now Seventhwave)
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High energy users in single-family homes present the greatest opportunities for energy and cost savings, yet relatively little is known about what is happening in these homes or how energy efficiency and utility programs can engage these consumers. In this on-demand webcast, hear the results of a groundbreaking field study of 100 high-consumption homes in Minnesota. The webcast will discuss possible causes and the technical and behavioral opportunities to reduce usage. Also, it will introduce the households studied to provide a holistic introduction to this utility customer group.

Tracking Household Perceptions and Actions

Energy Center of Wisconsin (now Seventhwave)
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This on-demand webinar discusses what residential customers in Wisconsin, the Midwest, and the nation have to say about energy topics.  Learn about the Energy Center of Wisconsin's (now Seventhwave's) research on consumer perceptions and actions concerning their energy use at home based on the 2011 Midwest Energy Survey.

Marketing & Outreach: Working with and Learning from Contractors

Karen Villeneuve, NYSERDA,
Peter Krajsa, AFC First Financial Corporation,
Michael Rogers, GreenHomes America,
Matt Golden, Recurve
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Organizations or Programs
Keystone Home Energy Loan Program (HELP),
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA),
Connecticut Solar Lease,
Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund,
Kentucky Home Performance,
AFC First's EnergyLoan Program

This webcast highlights programs that actively engage the contractor community in program design and implementation. Several contractors share their views on best practices for Marketing & Outreach.