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Emerald Cities Planning Committee
Publication Date
Organizations or Programs
Emerald Cities Collaborative,
City of Milwaukee Residents Preference Program,
City of Los Angeles,
Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles,
Port of Oakland,
Cleveland University Hospital Vision 2010,
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Water System Improvement Program
This guide to Community Workforce Agreements is an appendix to the Road Map to Emerald Cities and provides a framework to use an innovation on the traditional Project Labor Agreement to give life and meaning to the social compact.
Community Benefits Law Center
Publication Date
Organizations or Programs
New Jersey Weatherization Assistance Program,
Delaware Weatherization Assistance Program,
Washington State Energy Program,
Community Power Works,
Santa Clara County AB811 Pilot Program

Summary of the standards that support job quality, equitable access and quality assurance in several residential energy efficiency programs from different parts of the country.

U.S. Department of Energy
Publication Date
Organizations or Programs
Florida Weatherization Assistance Program,
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
This report presents a review of selected home energy auditing tools. The energy audit tools reviewed in this study include REM/Rate, BEACON Home Energy Advisor, EnergyInsights, Home Energy Tune-uP, EnergyGauge, TREAT, the National Energy Audit Tool (NEAT), Home Energy Saver Professional (HESPro), and RealHomeAnalyzer.