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Amy Beley, Build It Green
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Build It Green

This presentation discusses Build It Green's new model for contractor engagement that provides more support to higher performing contractors and strategies the organization is using to address issues with contractor data reporting and tracking.

Cynthia Adams, Local Energy Alliance Program,
Larry Earegood, Consumers Energy (MI),
John Schott, NYSERDA,
Gavin Hastings, Arizona Public Service,
Emily Salzberg, Washington State University Energy,
Adam Buick, Community Power Works (WA),
Bob Knight, BKi
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Arizona Public Service (APS),
Community Power Works,
Energy Upgrade California,
Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP),
Michigan Home Performance with ENERGY STAR,
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA),
RePower Kitsap

Quick summaries of strategies various programs have used to improve the efficiency of delivering efficiency.

Gary R. Myers, Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association
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EnergySmart Colorado
This presentation explains how to engage and motivate contractors and utility companies through the use of commitments, creating a dynamic program that they can become involved with, and the setting of standards for contractors.