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Ouachita Electric Cooperative,
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This report reviews Ouachita Electric Cooperative's transition to its HELP PAYS® tariffed on-bill investment program. This analysis uses data for the first nine months of the program launched in 2016. Some of those benefits are being validated immediately by the market response in the service area compared to the same period of the prior year with HELP, the on-bill financing program that HELP PAYS replaced.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Texas LoanSTAR,
Utah Revolving Loan Fund for Schools,
Rhode Island Energy Revolving Loan Fund,
Ohio Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund,
Montana Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program,
Arizona Energy Loan Program,
Florida Conversion Revolving Loan Program,
Efficiency Kansas Revolving Loan Program,
North Carolina Energy Program
This report provides information for states intending to set up a new revolving loan fund for state energy programs.