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Improve your program’s efficiency and effectiveness through regular information collection, assessment, decision-making, adaptation, and communication.

Develop the necessary materials, tools, and staff capacity to effectively deliver and manage your program.

Establish relationships with organizations that can help deliver your program by enhancing your knowledge, resources, capabilities and access to customers and contractors.

Solidify your program strategy and decide which customers you will focus on; what products, services, and support you will provide; and how you will partner with contractors and others to deliver services to your customers.

Author: U.S. Department of Energy
Publication Date: 2012

This case study explains how Efficiency Maine provided contractor sales training to boost upgrade conversions.

Author: Kat Donnelly, EMpowerDevices; Kerry O'Neill, Earth Markets
Publication Date: 2012

Connecticut's Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge uses dashboards that display key project data for administrators and contractors to monitor progress over time. The program has evaluated performance at different steps in the process and identified strategies to improve performance where needed, such as sales training for contractors, energy advisors, monthly contractor scorecards, and multiple customer "touches." These improvements increased the close rate from 26 to 60 percent in one year.

Workforce Development and Sales Training for Energy Efficiency Contractors
Author: Elizabeth Stuart, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Publication Date: 2011
Presentation, Media, Transcript

This webcast reports on the energy efficiency services sector workforce size, expectations for growth, and training needs and features a case studies from Efficiency Vermont and Efficiency Maine.