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Author: Community Power Works
Publication Date: 2015

The Community Power Works program in Seattle, WA uses a program dashboard to track progress against targets. This is an example dashboard from March 2015, which is updated on a monthly basis with progress toward goals for sign-ups, energy audits, home energy upgrades, and energy savings.

Develop workforce and contractor engagement procedures, forms, and materials

Support and partner with the workforce who will deliver your program’s energy efficiency services by understanding their capacity, recruiting contractor partners, enabling technical training and business development support, fostering clear communication, and refining program processes over time, in partnership with your workforce.

Improve your program’s efficiency and effectiveness through regular information collection, assessment, decision-making, adaptation, and communication.

Develop a strategy for communicating program impacts and benefits to key audiences to create and sustain support and engagement.

Develop the necessary materials, tools, and staff capacity to effectively deliver and manage your program.

Design a residential energy efficiency program that integrates marketing and outreach, contractor coordination, incentives, financing, and program evaluation to provide customers with the products and services they want through a customer-centric process.

Develop evidence-based insights into your program’s performance through third-party process and impact evaluations. Learn how to develop effective data collection strategies and timely evaluations to identify important program achievements as well as opportunities for making program improvements.

Ensure that your program’s customers will have access to affordable financing, so they can pay for the services you offer.

Spur consumer demand for your program's services by understanding your target audience and motivating them to act using effective messaging, marketing and outreach tactics, and attractive program offers.

EM&V Basics, Tools and Resources to Assist EECBG and SEP Grantees
Author: Julie Michals, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, Inc.; Phil Sieper, The Cadmus Group, Inc.; Mark Stetz, Stetz Consulting
Publication Date: 2010
Presentation, Media, Transcript

This webinar offers an introduction to EM&V basics, including data collection, tracking tools, M&V approaches, and reporting energy savings.