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Author: Consumer Federation of America
Publication Date: 2016

This marketing press release describes 12 tips for consumers to save energy and money in celebration of the first Energy Efficiency Day.

Communicate program results to contractor partners and workforce development stakeholders.

Develop contractor engagement, quality assurance, and workforce development plans that include strategies, workflow, timelines, and staff and partner roles and responsibilities.

Establish relationships with contractors who will deliver program products and services, and with organizations that train and certify workers.

Communicate pertinent results of evaluations to program staff, partners, and stakeholders.

Author: U.S. Department of Energy
Publication Date: 2014

This instructional template offers instructions on how to write a press release.

Publicize benefits and lessons learned resulting from your organization’s success in the market.

Develop a strategy for communicating program impacts and benefits to key audiences to create and sustain support and engagement.

Determine if enhancements to existing financing products or the development of new products are necessary to allow you to achieve your goals and objectives.

Implement marketing and outreach activities in coordination with other program components to generate demand for your program's services.

Develop a plan and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing and outreach strategies. 

Develop a marketing and outreach plan that details your strategies and tactics, workflows and timelines, staff roles and responsibilities, and budget.

Create your program's branding guidelines and materials to elevate program visibility and support your marketing and outreach efforts.

Establish relationships with organizations that will assist with program marketing and outreach.

Decide on priority target audience segments, messages, and incentives that will motivate customers.

Spur consumer demand for your program's services by understanding your target audience and motivating them to act using effective messaging, marketing and outreach tactics, and attractive program offers.

Author: Boulder County, Colorado
Publication Date: 2010

Example Request for Proposal (RFP) to provide Boulder County, Colorado with support services for its Retrofit Ramp Up Program including a social mobilization campaign, database management services, and marketing/public relations services for the both the residential and commercial parts of the Program.

Develop processes to evaluate your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and market position on a regular basis.

One of the hurdles that many homeowners face when considering home energy upgrades is how to pay for them.  Contractors, as program partners who work with homeowners face-to-face, are in a unique position to help them address this concern by suggesting financing offered through the program. Many residential energy efficiency programs have found that training contractors on available energy upgrade financing products fosters greater understanding and uptake of those loan products. Working...

Paid advertising is one way to promote residential energy efficiency program offerings, but good public relations that leads to “earned” media stories is even better. Successful programs have found that earned media attention can add credibility to marketing efforts and expand their reach. One strategy is to tell interesting home improvement stories on local television or radio stations. Some programs have held visually oriented press events to show consumers the benefits of a...