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Author: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Publication Date: 2017

This case study highlights the low-income programs of Efficiency Vermont, the nation’s first public energy efficiency utility, which aims to reduce these customers' high energy burden, freeing up money that they can spend on food, housing, and other necessities. These low-income programs have saved enough electricity to power nearly 8,000 Vermont households for a year and offer solutions that eliminate or reduce up-front costs for residents, a typical barrier to improving energy efficiency in low-income households. Its multifamily energy efficiency program helps renters and building owners save energy, addressing the “split incentive” barrier in which owners have little reason to invest in efficiency measures that benefit tenants who pay their own energy bills.

Designing Effective Incentives to Drive Residential Retrofit Program Participation
Author: U.S. Department of Energy
Publication Date: 2010
Presentation, Media, Transcript

This webcast covers information about designing effective incentives to drive residential retrofit program participation.