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Author: Dale Hoffmeyer, U.S. Department of Energy; Chris Baker, Arizona Public Service (APS); Torsten Glidden, Build It Green
Publication Date: 2016

Achieving energy savings goals and improving customer and contractor satisfaction while staying cost-effective makes managing home energy upgrade programs challenging. DOE's Home Upgrade Program Accelerator is working with program administrators to identify strategies that overcome challenges and achieve better results. The Arizona Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program completed process improvements that improved contractor satisfaction and deceased quality assurance labor.  Build It Green implemented software improvements to their utility program's online rebate applications portal to accelerate data processing.

Author: Multifamily Subcommittee of the California Home Energy Retrofit Coordinating Committee
Publication Date: 2015

The MF HERCC Recommendations Report 2015 Update expands the 2011 publication, and delivers explicit and refined recommendations for multifamily energy efficiency program administrators and implementers.

Author: Cynthia Adams, Local Energy Alliance Program; Larry Earegood, Consumers Energy (MI); John Schott, NYSERDA; Gavin Hastings, Arizona Public Service; Emily Salzberg, Washington State University Energy; Adam Buick, Community Power Works (WA); Bob Knight, BKi
Publication Date: 2014

Quick summaries of strategies various programs have used to improve the efficiency of delivering efficiency.

Author: Steve Culbertson, BKi
Publication Date: 2012

This presentation talks about Energy Upgrade California's Flex Path pilot program which offers a menu of upgrade options for homeowners to select. Its flexible approach has been popular with middle-income homeowners interested in upgrades.

Author: Energy Upgrade California
Publication Date: 2011

Survey form used by Energy Upgrade California to assess open house tour attendee interest in obtaining further information about upgrade opportunities.

Author: Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates
Publication Date: 2010

This presentation describes California property owners' specific interest, awareness, and perceptions regarding energy use, energy efficiency, home energy upgrades, and related topics.