U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy U.S. Department of Energy Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy


Author: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Publication Date: 2016

This report is a guide to all customer-facing financing products—products offered by a lender directly to a borrower—used to pay for energy efficiency. Intended for state and local governments that are deciding whether to start a new program, tune up and existing program, or create a Green Bank, it provides information on the full range of financing product options for target participants, the tradeoffs of various products, and potential advantages and disadvantages for different types of customers.

Author: Kira Ashby and Hilary Forster, Consortium for Energy Efficiency; Bruce Ceniceros, Sacramento Municipal Utility District; Bobbi Wilhelm, Puget Sound Energy; Kim Friebel, Commonwealth Edison; Rachel Henschel, National Grid; Shahana Samiullah, Southern California Edison
Publication Date: 2012

This paper explores ways in which program administrators are using social norms to spur behavior change and, as a result, curb energy use. In recent years, home energy reports (HER) programs have applied the concept of social norms to the energy efficiency context. These feedback programs inform customers of how their energy consumption compares to their neighbors' and provide other information about their usage, with the goal of enticing customers to change their energy use behavior to improve their relative neighborhood ranking.

Author: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Publication Date: 2011

This report presents results, recommendations, and case studies of energy efficiency financing programs.

Author: U.S. Department of Energy
Publication Date: 2007

This report provides comprehensive information on state, federal, local, and utility incentives and policies that are in place to support renewable energy and energy efficiency.