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Program Materials

Author: Regional Climate Protection Authority
Publication Date: 2012

Mission, goals and objectives of the Regional Climate Protection Authority.

Author: Bplans
Publication Date: 2011

Example business plan to serve as an illustration of a functional and realistic business plan.

Author: Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance
Publication Date: 2011

This strategic plan describes the goals, objectives, market, and business model for the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance's energy efficiency program and service offerings.

Author: EnergySmart Colorado
Publication Date: 2011

Boulder, Colorado's EnergySmart program produced a detailed implementation plan with activities, deliverables, and timelines by phase and task.

Author: Clean Energy Works Oregon (now Enhabit)

The business model of Clean Energy Works Oregon (CEWO), a non-profit established to reduce energy waste by encouraging homeowners to take direct action. Advertising the triple-bottom-line benefits of energy retrofits, CEWO guides homeowners throughout the entire retrofit process and provides them easy, no-money down financing options.