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Author: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

This worksheet was designed to help building owners and managers collect data to benchmark buildings using EPA's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. The information in this worksheet is used to establish a building's profile in Portfolio Manager, which is critical to calculating benchmarks of key metrics such as energy intensity and costs, water use, and carbon emissions.

Author: U.S. Department of Energy

EnergyWorks' phased marketing campaign appeals to Philadelphia homeowners based on the current weather conditions.

Focus on the continuous improvement of your financing activities by tracking and evaluating data, responding to feedback, and modifying strategies when needed.

Author: U.S. Department of Energy

These case studies highlight examples of participating contractors who have employed Home Performance with ENERGY STAR to help homeowners improve their home's comfort and lower their utility bills.

Develop processes to evaluate your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and market position on a regular basis.

Author: U.S. Department of Energy

This summary from a Better Buildings Residential Network peer exchange call focused on working with multifamily and rental properties on energy efficiency programs. It features speakers from  American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Community Housing Partners, and Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships.

Author: E4TheFuture

To help inform and prompt discussion across a range of audiences on the health co-benefits from residential EE investments, this paper reviews research studies of residential EE and related ventilation upgrades, discusses ways that programs have monetized occupant health co-benefits, and highlights innovative programs that combine EE and health-focused home repairs. The paper concludes with identifying research gaps and strategies to help advance such work.