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Author: NMR Group, Inc.
Publication Date: 2016

This report identifies opportunities for Connecticut's Home Energy Solutions program (HES) to increase savings related to air sealing, duct sealing, and insulation.

Author: NMR Group, Inc.
Publication Date: 2016

This report is the process evaluation of the Connecticut Multifamily (MF) Initiative, which leveraged the state's Home Energy Solutions (HES) and Home Energy Solutions-Income Eligible (HES-IE) programs. The objective of this process evaluation is to provide actionable recommendations about how to improve the design, delivery, and administration of the MF Initiative.

Author: UIL Holdings Corporation; Eversource Energy
Publication Date: 2015

This technical reference manual provides detailed, comprehensive documentation of resource and non-resource savings corresponding to the Energy Efficiency Fund program and individual Conservation and Load Management (C&LM) program technologies.

Author: NMR Group, Inc.
Publication Date: 2014

The study involved on-site visits to 180 single-family homes across Connecticut. The team assessed compliance with the weatherization standard using both the prescriptive and performance paths and made recommendations to improve program quality.

Author: U.S. Energy Information Administration
Publication Date: 2013

For this inventory, EIA reviewed and catalogued 329 data sources containing state energy efficiency program evaluation results into an inventory. The focus of this inventory is to support the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS) and to research cost information in state-mandated energy efficiency program evaluations.

Author: The Energy Foundation
Publication Date: 2012

Reviews and summarize energy efficiency financing models and strategies. Models are analyzed according to funding sources, program structures, limits to scale, repayment vehicles, and project risks. Strategies consider applicable building sectors, models, levels of establishment, growth potential, advantages, and disadvantages.

Author: Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
Publication Date: 2011

This report describes different approaches to energy efficiency finance taken by utilities.