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Author: Arizona Public Service (APS) Company
Publication Date: 2016

This example home performance scorecard shows how a contractor compares to anonymized top and bottom scoring companies, based on their quality of measured installations, scope of work, customer satisfaction, and energy savings achieved.

Author: U.S. Department of Energy
Publication Date: 2016

This case study of Arizona Public Service (APS) and Arizona’s HPwES Sponsor, FSL Home Energy Solutions (FSL), focuses on their continuous improvements designed to elevate customer and contractor experience while boosting program cost-effectiveness.

Author: Chris Baker, Arizona Public Service
Publication Date: 2016

This presentation discusses process management improvements that Arizona Public Service made to streamline their program and advance home energy upgrades.

Author: State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network
Publication Date: 2015

This Guide is designed to help state and local policymakers to take full advantage of new policy developments by providing them with a comprehensive set of tools to support launching or accelerating residential energy efficiency programs. The Guide focuses on four categories of policies that have proven particularly effective in providing a framework within which residential energy efficiency programs can thrive: incentives and financing, making the value of energy efficiency visible in the real estate market, data access and standardization, and supporting utility system procurement of energy efficiency.

Author: Cynthia Adams, Local Energy Alliance Program; Larry Earegood, Consumers Energy (MI); John Schott, NYSERDA; Gavin Hastings, Arizona Public Service; Emily Salzberg, Washington State University Energy; Adam Buick, Community Power Works (WA); Bob Knight, BKi
Publication Date: 2014

Quick summaries of strategies various programs have used to improve the efficiency of delivering efficiency.

Author: Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
Publication Date: 2011

This report describes different approaches to energy efficiency finance taken by utilities.

Author: Arizona Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
Publication Date: 2010

The AZ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program (AZHPwES) requires that participating contractors demonstrate a high level of building science knowledge and maintain the highest standards of technical performance and customer service as described in the contractor requirements.